Cynthia Paulsen

Religious Science Minister

I help people recognize their own divinity, power, and truth. Everything we could possibly want or need is within us. We can experience health, harmony, love, joy, abundance - any good thing we desire. There is no limit!

How do we do this? By applying universal spiritual principles and using the spiritual practices that are available to us. It is my life passion and divine purpose to share these ideas with you.

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Learn how to:

  • Unlock the power of your words, thoughts, and beliefs

  • Pray affirmatively from a place of truth, regardless of appearances

  • Honor multiple paths to the One Universal Life Force

  • Experience peace through stillness, silence, and meditation

  • Recognize your unity with the Divine

  • Cultivate loving relationships based on your oneness with all life

  • And much more!

Experience more GOOD.

My most recent blogs

"Rev Cynthia is a gift to me and all of us. Her talks are clear, inspirational, and thorough. She is our hope for the future of New Thought teaching, regardless of which organization she represents, or her own ministry."

Rev Dr Bob Deen, Center For Spiritual Living, Midtown Atlanta

“Rev Cynthia has an amazing gift of storytelling. Her talks are always engaging and transformative. They leave a lasting impression. I am grateful for the wisdom and inspiration she has given me along my journey.”

Mya Fuller, RScP

"Cynthia is gifted with a unique perspective in her preaching. Her sermons incorporate humor and humanity, spirituality and humility in addressing all the issues confronting us in the world today. The workshop she led for our UCC Regional Conference Meeting was interactive and dynamic!

Lynn Arnone, First Congregational Church, Reno, NV

“If you are looking for a speaker for your congregation or organization, I can’t recommend Cynthia highly enough. Her talks are clear, uplifting, and powerful. She weaves the ideas of many truth teachings through storytelling and sharing her own experiences of spiritual growth. She is a powerful presence in the world, spreading joy, wisdom, peace, healing, and love wherever she goes.”

Judy Aehle, RScP